Astrology Dayton
Larry Marra 
2935 Robin Rd
Kettering, OH 45409

What to expect from your astrological interpretation.

Your birth-chart, current planetary transits, and future graphic ephemeris forecast will be studied in advance the day before your consultation to determine your unique astrological strengths and challenges. 
These printed charts are yours to keep. 
Computer technology can "fast foreword" your planets to provide you with a detailed three-month astrological forecast. 

You are encouraged to bring a supportive friend or family member to take notes during your session. Once Larry studies your chart, he will have a lot to say.

If you need to bring a very small child, please bring someone to watch them. 
If you child is old enough, they can do homework or have something for them to do in an adjacent room. (some bring video games or coloring books). I have a home theater. 

Feel free to bring a beverage and snacks for yourself and friends if you so desire. 
Many clients come during their lunch hour or directly from work. 
I totally understand that you need to eat. 

My daughter has a very sweet declawed tabby cat that sleeps all day but, if you have allergies or dislike cats for any reason, let me know in advance so I can secure her in another room.

All  astrological readings use language that are "G rated".  (As a former school teacher and music minister, I do not condone any language that is not acceptable in a school or church.)

Please keep in mind that your interpretation can only be as accurate as your birth information or personal background that you provide.

To do this, I need your:

 birth date (Month, Day, and Year) 
birth city and country
time of day (remember to mention AM or PM) 

If you do not know your birth time, you're rising sign and all the planetary house systems will be estimated to a Sun rise birth time. The more exact your birth information, the more exact your consultation.

It would also help for you to provide in advance a phone that gets texts and email address so I can send you your chart in advance and a short reminder. I will totally explain it when you get here. I will print them out as well and give them to you at your session.

Astrological assistance is graciously provided to all persons without discrimination on the basis of race, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability, gender, health status, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or relationship status.

As a former clinical psychologist, I understand that you are insured strict confidentiality concerning your personal interpretation.

Larry will only read charts other than the querent if they are the parent or custodial guardian of a minor child for the purposes of becoming a more effective parent for the benefit of that child. 

I do this because it makes for a better parent. 

Larry does not claim to be a medical professional so will not administer medicine or medical advice. Please seek a professional medical expert for all your health concerns.

I care deeply about my clients and they deserve my very best.

I thought you would like to see a typical astrological forecast. I will explain everything and the charts are yours to keep.

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