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Due to COVID, all charts are only over the phone using paypal

***Larry Marra***

***M.Sci Psychological Astrologer***

For an in-depth, personal astrological interpretation: 

Call orText: 937-510-5770


ADDRESS: 2935 Robin Rd Kettering, OH 45409


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Astrologer, Larry Marra, holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology/Wright State University and was mentored in advanced psychic and astrological studies from famed psychic, Susie Kipper, and renown "People" magazine monthly Horoscope writer, Larry Martin.

Astrology Dayton offers detailed personal astrological charts (birth chart, couple, parent/child, daily transit, and a complete three month astrological graphic ephemeris forecasts.

Larry is experienced in personal psychological astrological interpretations. Larry also has experience with runes, tarot, palmistrypsychometry (hold their possession and find the lost kids and pets. 

Trained by nationally famous psychic, Susie Kipper, since 1983 in astrology, tarot, pendulum, auras, psychometry, scrying, crystals, psychoacoustics, feng shui, and an empathic visionary. Add to that a licensed and practicing clinical psychologist (Masters degree from Wright State University 1984), Runemaster (since 1992), and Usui trained Reiki Master/Teacher (since 2006). I utilize all these various skills and training when compiling your personal astrological interpretation. I see many layers of your persona for your benefit. 

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Whether you come in person to Dayton OH, or pre-schedule a phone interpretation, you will receive specific astrological insights from information based on the strengths and challenges of your birth chart, your current transits, and an in-depth three-month astrological forecast in regards to your...

love and romance

abilities and challenges

financial and career goals 

Psychic strategies for spiritual growth

After years of being a clinical psychologist, I understand the importance of confidentiality. Details of your interpretation will not be discussed with any other person without your expressed written consent.

Feel free to bring a friend and a few written questions with you. I will read your charts to find you the answers you need in your chart. People say that this and the three month forecast is the part of the interpretation is the most helpful. I can do two or even small groups if you want me to schedule them back to back. One can take notes for the others during their personal astrological interpretation and they you. 

If the weather is nice, you may elect to have the reading outside.

In the winter, I usually have a roaring fire going in the star room.

I will study your astrological information beforehand to give you the most detailed interpretation possible. 

Please call or send your birth info. month, day, year, city of birth, and birth time if available. 

Send your phone number. 

All the charts that I create are yours to keep at the end of your session

I care deeply about you and deserve my very best.

Business hours

Mon-Sat 11AM-5PM

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Astrological Consultation Fees (price) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

For your first visit:

You may elect to get a detailed birth chart interpretation.


For returning visits, receive your daily transit plus an updated personalized three month forecast.


Complete birth chart interpretation plus your daily transit report and personalized three month forecast. Suggested first time visit.


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I accept PayPal a few days beforehand.

Sorry, but I do not take credit cards.

If you elect paypal, here's how:

Click the paypal link on the line above. Log in at the top.

Click send and use my email or phone to deposit

 Do this if you have elected to schedule a phone reading:

If it will not be possible to make your payment in person. You may elect to write a check a week in advance Make a paypal payment ( up to 24 hours before the call. 

This insures that I get confirmation notification via text from paypal that your payment has been received and I may proceed with the call. 

I really do not like this policy, but I have had my share of people who want something for nothing. They get a reading and then leave hang up without the slightest intention of paying for my time and expertise which ruins it for us honest folk. 

You can access my paypal account using my:

 phone (937-510-5770)

 or email address

If you schedule an astrological interpretation and you cannot make it for any reason, let me know 24 hours in advanced because I do have a standby list of people who would like an earlier appointment than scheduled. If you fail to make your appointment without prior notice? I know, things happen, but; remember that after a few days, your daily transit chart will have expired and I will have to create and interpret a new current one.

Astrology Dayton Hours of Operation

Call M-F 11AM-3PM

I will schedule weekend consultations if requested

If you have minor children in which you have custody, I will do a reading on your child. I have a young daughter and I found this information to be valuable in helping to understand her astrological challenges which made me a better father and mentor. If your child is small, please bring a few small toys to keep them occupied.

I do not do readings for another person if they are over the age of consent without their expressed written consent (in case of a phone reading, having verbal consent after verification of their identity will suffice).

Astrology Dayton
Larry Marra 
2935 Robin Rd
Kettering, OH 45409

May the stars light your way!

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Now that the weather is turning colder, you have the option of requesting of getting your in-depth astrological interpretation in front of the outdoor fire pit or indoor fireplace.

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