Most of us have heard the Bible phrase that there are "signs and wonders in the heavens".
Signs point to something significant. Mystics for thousands of years have taught, "As above, so below... as without, so within". If you look at an atom through a microscope and our solar system as viewed from space, they are remarkably similar. Therefore, we may infer that what happens in the heavens has an equal effect on the Earth and its inhabitants.

The ancient Sumerians learned thousands of years ago to watch correlations between the stars and events on Earth. Let us imagine that a Sumerian observed a King dying during a new Moon. Hmmm, maybe a next new moon could mean a new beginning as a new ruler was placed on the throne. Then, on the next new moon, the ruler of an adjacent kingdom died as well. That Sumerian wrote it down. Other Sumerians spent hours observing the skies at night (no late night TV back then). They often compared notes and compiled them into a book of the heavens.

The stars are your mirror into what astrological forces that are occurring in your life at a certain time. This is what an astrological interpretation can provide for your life choices (but you still have to do the work). 

Through careful observation and documentation throughout the eons of time, a system was devised to predict Earthly events based on heavenly occurrences. That being said, astrology is only a way of predicting astrological energies. What you do with this information is totally dependent on your own free will. 

By having a competent astrologer analyze the archetypal energies of each unique planet and what constellations they occupied, much can be ascertained as to your individual talents and challenges. This can prove invaluable as to deep healing understanding with regard to your innermost motives and irrational fears.

Of course, the stars keep moving at a constant rate and communicate with your stellar-imprinted brain which provide useful insight as to your upcoming astrological storms or fair weather.

Many people choose to schedule a one hour birth session the first time. Then a 30 minute predictive astrological chart interpretations every three to six months to find out what "Astro app updates" the stars are foretelling.

So what is Astrology? It's just one of many metaphysical tools to help you fulfill your cosmic Karmic Divine plan.

May the Stars light your way

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