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5.0 star rating

I can't say enough wonderful things about Larry! Even before we met, I knew this would be an enlightening, positive reading. He is funny, outgoing, yet also very accurate, to the point, and highly psychic. My reading was very helpful and validated a lot of what is going on in my life now and what I want to make happen in the near future. I live in Miami, Fl but am from Dayton. I will make a point to add Larry to my family visits each time Income "home." 
Thank you from my heart and soul,
Christine Molina aka Wonder Woman

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5.0 star rating

Awesome reading I would definitely recommend. Great experience for my first time he makes you feel very comfortable. I will be back very soon thank you Larry.

Ren'ee R. Dayton, OH


I personally am a spiritual reader, but at times need an impartial opinion/guidance for a life event.  I have met Larry on several occasions at psychic shows so I have witnessed his manner of operation.  Larry is extremely well knowledge  witty as they come, and affordable and is very 'real' in honoring the integrity of the art.  I strongly, highly, whole heartedly recommend Larry for your astrology insight.  
Respectfully submitted, Ren'ee

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You know that feeling that there is something more specific in your life that you should be doing but you're not sure what it is or where to find it? There are so many way to discover this information, where do you start? 
I can tell you from experience and many years of searching and then trying many avenues that an astrology chart reading is that avenue! A chart reading is specific to YOU and your life. Learn whats in store for you and if you are on track with your "job" in this life. If you live in Ohio you MUST have your reading with Larry. An experience with Larry will leave you feeling like you are in control of your life. Forget what you may or may not have done in the past and go chat with Larry! I promise you will not forget it or regret it!

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  • Wanda 

Dayton, OH


Larry is very knowledgeable about astrology. He has a kind and gentle manner and put me at ease the moment I walked in the door. See him! It may just change your life.

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  • Jill W.

Dayton, OH


Larry is an excellent astrologer. I have referred 7 people to Larry and all of them agreed that Larry really hit home with them. He was positive, helpful, and he delivered his knowledge and advice in a caring, professional way. Some of us have returned several times for updates. I would definitely recommend his astrology service.

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  • Helen G.

Dayton, OH


I would definitely recommend Astrology Dayton before any important life event. Larry's training pays off in his interpretations. Great food for thought with a positive approach.

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  • Laura L.

Dayton, OH


Larry is great at what he does. He was right on the money about my personality and life based on my birth chart. I will definitely go to him for more readings in the future.

Christine R Molina 

It was a true honor and pleasure having a reading with you today! A fellow Sicilian, you are truly a talented, gifted, and funny guy!

Tom Helbig

 · Wednesday, June 8, 2016 at 8:23am

My recent star readings have been extremely helpful. They have taught me so much about myself and how I interact with others and the universe. Larry is a top notch guy. He offers wisdom and guidance based on star charts with sense of humor, compassion and good old fashioned honesty. Highly recommend a reading. It is worth every penny!

5 stars
Theresah40 05/17/2013
If you ever wanted to know ... Astrology of Dayton is where to go! Looking for a knowledgable person in the study of astrology and complete understanding of this topic.... His ability to speak clearly will take you where you always wanted to go... Look him up Im sure you will enjoy the ride!

  • 5 stars 
    cheryl.clift.9 04/23/2013
    My astrology reading experience with Larry was very accurate. The atmosphere was very relaxing and calming. I was very comfortable like going to chat with a friend. Larry’s reading was very detailed and professional in a personable way. He covered everything I was looking for guidance in. I plan on visiting Larry often. I highly recommend Larry for your astrology needs. He is very good at what he does. The best I’ve seen!

    Great reading! Great conversation! This was a very Relaxing consultation.

    I wanted to reach out and thank you for your time with me the other day.  It was a beautiful time, and I'm thankful to have experienced it.  It was insightful and eye opening and much that we discussed has already started to take place in my life over the last few months.  I feel calmer moving forward with such an enlightened look on life.  You mentioned I was moving into my 2nd return, and with that being said, I was recently split from a long time partner, transitioned into a new job, which I actually was just let go from, which means its time to establish that career, and those roots, I've also lost 60lbs in the last few months, which co-insides with the change in outer appearance. So my 2nd return is right inline with everything going on around me, and I feel grounded and centered rather than nervous and uncertain. 

    I had forgotten how vivid my dreams used to be, at some point they were blocked from intensity, that night I remembered my mantra and used it, I actually had a snippet of a dream, and it was very vivid, and very real, and just a snippet of life, it seemed to be in the future.  I'm not surprised by this as I've never felt more connected to another human being before in my life, psychically, its almost scary at times. I had forgotten that my dreams were so intense.  Life starts to take over and suffocate you from the gentle things that make you human, like dreaming.  So thank you for the reminder. 

    I have already suggested a number of my friends meet with you, some skeptical, some spiritual, but I look forward to sharing the experience with friends that are close to me.  I was thankful to have had Emily there by my side.

    We had discussed how you could see auras, I was at a broken time in my life, around 3 years ago, and I had my aura photo taken, it was hot red, bright red and orange, surrounded by black, energy exiting and moving out of my body.  Could I ask what color you saw when you looked at me the other day?

    Thanks again Larry! I can't wait to keep you updated with my progress and meet up again to see how things have aligned. What are you waiting for! Call him now!


    Hope you ALL have had an Amazing Tuesday!
    I sure did! 
    Had an astrological reading today with Life Coach Dayton Larry Marra!

    Contact Larry for your personalized astrological reading! (937-510-5770) 
    I recommend him highly!

    Astrology Dayton
    Larry Marra 
    2935 Robin Rd
    Kettering, OH 45409

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