Larry Marra is a:
Nationally Certified astrologer since 1983
Clinical psychologist (Children and Family) WSU '84
Certified RUNEMASTER 1978
Numerologist 1979
Aura reader 1962 (2nd grade)
Astro physicist 1984

Retired High School Band and Choir  Director (Bachelor of Arts Education, Music performance 1976). 
He started training at a local gym in the early 1980s. His workout buddies kept mentioning how local psychic and astrologer, Susie Kipper was extremely accurate. They were convinced that her consultations were divinely inspired and enlightening and well worth the money. 

Intrigued by their enthusiasm for astrology, Larry read every astrological book he could find. He then scheduled an consultation with Susie to see for himself. He was astounded by how life-changing this experience was. Susie offered to give him instruction on a weekly basis until he was qualified to offer astrological and psychic consultations on his own. After five years of intense study, Astrology Dayton was created by those same gym buddies.

When Larry received his Masters in Psychology from Wright State University in 1984, he quickly learned how his counseling training and teaching skills became invaluable in enhancing his astrological interpretive experience for his clients. That was over 30 years ago, and he continues to hone his craft with every astrological consultation.  

It is his sincerest wish that you allow him to help you on your spiritual path. 

May the stars light your way.

Astrology Dayton
Larry Marra 
2935 Robin Rd
Kettering, OH 45409

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