I get email questions from astrology clients almost daily. Let it be known that I respond to every inquiry personally within a day and give it the full weight of thoughtful consideration. 
So, I got to thinking…
Maybe other people could benefit from these. 
This is the reason for my new “Astrology Question of the Month”
It is my sincerest desire that you all may benefit and live your stars to the fullest every day.

Here goes...

“Astrology Question of the Month for January 2019"

How do you think that your Masters in Psychology help you with your readings. 

Thanks for contacting Astrology Dayton. Great question.

All astrologers counsel. I wish they all were helpful. However, astrologers are people and some are more qualified than others. 

Having said that; degrees do not make you automatically qualified, experience and years of astrological study do. 

May I suggest that a MS in psychology might give an astrologer a boost?

When attending WSU for clinical psychology (children and family), I took classes entitled, “Active listening”.



What is active listening?

It is confirming that the client (or astrological seeker) is being heard. 

OK, too much psycho-babble?

Let me break it down for you.

People say things never knowing that they are really…. really being heard.

AL (active listening)  #1



repeat in your head



AL #4

Say to the client, "What I hear you saying is…..”

Repeat what you just heard with an understanding and compassion that they are reaching out. They came to you for help. HELP THEM! 

There you go! You just saved $500 of taking a graduate course.

No astrologer can lead a person to where they need to be without knowing where they are starting. 

Qualified astrologers help people to advance. In order to do this, we need to totally listen and understand both the client and their astrological charts. 

Message to all star clients,

You are important to me.

Keep those questions coming.

I had questions and received help from those more ascended.

It’s time I pay it forward. 

May the stars light your way….

“Astrology Question for the Month of February 2019

I have people ask what is the deal with the Sun sign? 

Some people use as an ice breaker when they first meet someone;

"Sooooooooo… What is your sign?

If someone asked me this, I would say "it depends”.


If I have a client whose birth time is at night, I tell them that their moon sign (where the moon was at birth) is more important than their sun sign. 


50% of people are either male or female as 50% of people are born at day or night. 

If you are a woman and born in the daytime, does that make you masculine? 


It is not the sun or moon, it is it’s placement in your chart. 

Moon in Aries is a spunky little fighter as sun in cancer is a very sensitive and caring person.

Here is the bible verse that tipped me off to this. 

Genesis 1:16

“And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.”

It’s worked for me for over 30 years! If you have seen me, drag out the birthchart I gave you and; if you were born at night, see if this applies. If you have not seen me yet, I would invite you to consider doing so. It will change you for the better as it did me and clients too many to count. May the stars light your way.

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